How does an Australian crypto exchange work?

Once you decide you want to buy Bitcoin and become a part of the cryptocurrency market, you should be able to identify the inner workings of an Australian crypto exchange. In this article, we are going to explain the technical and the economic components of a virtual trading platform. The exchange is a digital marketplace that acts … Read more

Ripple Ripple (XRP)


When it comes to Ripple there is one major thing to understand… There are two;Ripple the Company and XRP (Ripple) the Cryptocurrency. Ripple — The Company Ripple the company makes global payment solutions for banks. At time of writing they have three products; xCurrent — settlement between banks — one that processes payments xRapid — liquidity cost minimisation — one that sources liquidity xVia — interface to … Read more

How to Guide: Technical Analysis

A Step By Step Guide on How to Read the Charts Candles, moving lines, and looming skyscraper volumes can be a forest of pictographic overload. Alternatively, these symbols can be an excellent guide to the twists and turns of market. Your best ally in this rich story, where being able to read the finer lines … Read more

Crypto Need To Know

Let’s talk about cryptocurrency. What is it and how can you benefit from it? What are the red flags & warning signs of a crypto-scam? Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which functions like any other currency on an exchange, but it’s not controlled or issued by a centralised government. The technology on which crypto coins … Read more

7 Things to Know About ≡ Ethereum


Read on crypto weary traveller for the 7 wonders of the ground breaking Blockchain, Ethereum… 1. Smart Contracts Ethereum is the system creator. It’s fundamental value exchange is the movement of Smart contracts. All the elements of a regular contract but fortified, expanded and enforced by Blockchain. Contracts with the very exact code specifying value … Read more

The best hardware Bitcoin wallets today

Hardware Bitcoin wallets are a popular and safe way for people to store cryptocurrencies. A hardware wallet is a tamper-proof electronic device, created with the goal to save your private keys offline. Because the USB-like hardware wallet is small, the only risk you will be facing is to misplace it, especially as that they are … Read more

Buy Ethereum with AUD

Once you decided to open an account on a verified virtual exchange, the next thing to do is to buy cryptocurrencies so you can start trading. The most prudent way to invest is always in the local currency, so if you are living in Australia, you should buy Ethereum with AUD. According to recent data … Read more

Coinbase – the most popular BTC wallet

The Coinbase BTC wallet is one of the most famous virtual wallets in the world today, and it’s very friendly towards beginners. The features are simple and elegant, and you will learn how to navigate it in no time. You can store and exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. But first, let’s explain how you can … Read more

What are Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoin wallets are part of the ABCs in the realm of cryptocurrency. In the simplest terms, Bitcoin wallets are software programs that store your Bitcoins. Bitcoins are not stored in the traditional sense of the word, but rather the virtual data about them is. However, for the sake of simplification, we are going to use this term. … Read more

The Bitcoin exchange and the Blockchain

To understand the Bitcoin exchange, you must first comprehend the technology behind it, which is the Blockchain. In the introduction part of this guide, we informed you about the history of the Blockchain and how it came to be. Now, we will get more technical and explain how it works. It was first built by … Read more