Sneak Preview — Blockbid UX… Soft Launch Approaching

Oct 04 2018


You definitely saw it here first — the sparkling, sleek and highly functional finish on our shiny new interface. Our good friends at studio M A S S have dropped a sneaky preview of how Blockbid will look across browser and mobile.

Feast your eyes on a short animation of KYC process handling. Then have a closer look at the top-notch functionality on display with a few browser presentation and trading windows shots — it looks pretty.

Credos to our Brand Wizard John Kappa, who has worked tirelessly to bring this deceptively simple, ‘beautiful beast’ of UX to life.

But we’ve saved the biggest news for last —



These images are really just a snapshot of a work in progress.
The sophisticated power of our soft-beta is long steps beyond.
Witness the ‘back in black’, highly functional, beginner to advanced cab, machine-creature below.
A front row vision of what to expect at show time.



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