Interview with Blockbid Lead Blockchain Developer, Bernard Peh

May 09 2018

When I heard of bitcoin in late 2012, I was truly excited as I didn’t know that currency could be created in a decentralised way. I started learning all about Bitcoin and even had a small mining farm. It was not until early 2015 that I realised the second wave of revolution was taking place — Ethereum. Ethereum not only allows the transfer of value like Bitcoin but also allows the execution of Smart Contracts. I saw the unlimited possibilities with running Smart Contracts in the blockchain and hence decided to focus on learning Solidity. With 20 years of software development experience, I picked up Solidity quickly and by early 2017, I was quite comfortable deploying smart contracts on the main Ethereum chain.


Learning Ethereum without proper guidance was hard. Watching online educational videos and attending a 2-day boot camp wasn’t enough. Solidity is definitely not Javascript and not easy (unlike what many people said). For me, it wasn’t just about learning a new language, it was more about understanding how the blockchain and EVM works. Deployed contracts are immutable. What would happen to my clients if there were serious bugs discovered after my contracts were deployed? There were too many such examples and those working with Ethereum would know what I mean. The stakes were high and there wasn’t a lot of information and experts in those fields at that time. It wasn’t long before I realised there were 2 people constantly answering most of the StackOverflow’s Ethereum related questions. Tracking their profiles led me to and I decided to take their Ethereum Certified Developer course out of curiosity.

Like any other online courses that I’ve done, I didn’t expect to get much out of it. Much to my surprise, I was impressed by the quality of the course materials and knowledge of the instructors. The final project was one of the hardest projects that I’ve done for a long time. I remembered I had to read the question like 10 times before I could even understand it. Upon reflection, I could appreciate the knowledge that was gained and tested in the course and of course, the insane final project. There were many cohorts since the Ethereum Certified Developer Course started in Aug 2016. As of today, the passing rate (based on the number of students who signed up) was about 15% and I am proud to be one of the 59 Ethereum certified developers in the world at the time of writing this article. I hope B9lab can continue to improve on their course materials and set high standards in their Blockchain certification program. I am confident to say that Blockbid will not hesitate to employ any B9lab’s certified developer.

There is a global shortage of blockchain specialists. Not only do we need more qualified blockchain engineers to build applications and continue to innovate in this disruptive technology, we also need individuals and companies who are knowledgeable in this space to educate the public in an ethical way. There has been a lot of greed, hype and scammers at the moment and the public needs to be aware of it.

At Blockbid, we are not only committed to creating a secure crypto exchange, we also want to create a healthy blockchain ecosystem by educating the public the dos and don’ts in the crypto space. Once people are confident with the technology, they will be able to trade with confidence.

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