Hot on the (Best) Altcoin Trail

Aug 20 2018

In the broad landscape of Cryptocurrency there is a very real avalanche of “best coin lists”. Every investor with a YouTube channel to feed has a ‘Top Five Best Altcoin’, ‘Best Altcoins of 2018’ or ‘Altcoins to Watch’ title somewhere.

If you’ve come this far, you have made the decision to search a little further from the main street of crypto-town and are hoping to find the next big thing off the beaten track. You’re looking for a little bit more than a headline.

You’ve searched, hoping for a definite answer in the search bar — the definitive word on the best, the creme de la creme of altcoins.

Guess what? There isn’t one

While you get over the shock — it’s time to cut through the hype. Crypto-currency is highly interesting/exciting/speculative and could be one of the best investments you will ever make — but here at Blockbid, shilling really isn’t our style and education is the aim and the game — always.

Now, let’s take a good hard look at some solid fundamentals and the things to look out for when finding that diamond in the rough — the elusive beast, the best altcoin…

IRL Problem Solving

Really the number one thing

Does your coin solve problems in the real world? (this seems really simple, but can’t be overstated) Where there are applications, released and hard at work on real-world problems, serious investment isn’t far away. As an investor, it can also be quite a comfort having a foot (assets) in real life. Fiat trading on-ramps and tethered coins are a fantastic example of the correlation — trading concepts with real-world value.


Innovation — a close second

Does your coin technology do something new, different or better than other coins? Is your coin a pioneer riding high on the wild frontier (a coin to watch in admiration)? Or is it another latte slurping city guy wearing a cowboy hat — chasing the sunset getting further away with your hard earned dollars?

Friends Fuel Investment — Community, Partnerships & Relationships

An extra social test to see if your alternative coin truly is the best.

Does the community around the coin HODL through and through, maybe with an almost cult-like devotion? Joining in might not be a bad idea…

How is your coin developer with partnerships? Other organisations that believe in the coin and its ability to work together to solve real-world problems can be a major cornerstone in an altcoin make or break.

And the third — if the coin uses or promotes existing community infrastructure and makes what is already there better, more accessible, more usable, or more decentralised — it’s like the Beatles sang ‘I get high with a little help from my friends’ (they were definitely talking about being bullish). Stronger community & relationships = stronger investment.

So… Overall — Do Your Research

After all half of the fun is making up your own mind and seeing what will work.

‘Underrated coins and good fundamentals will speak for themselves…’
— Alex Saunders, Nuggets news

With that in mind here are some altcoins to research further.

HST Horizon State (Decision Token)

Blockchain Democracy

  • Decision-making tools. Decentralised democracy
  • Essentially a voting ecosystem
  • Anonymous voting, but with possible transparency and traceability
  • Already have a product in the market that being used
  • Is significantly cheaper per vote to host elections than traditional means
  • Aims to save governments and business a lot of money surveying and holding elections
  • Humanitarian Blockchain — a capability to change people’s democracies.
NEM (XEM) (And it’s Smart Asset System)

Better, faster, more productive Blockchain

  • Often quoted as ‘The sleeping giant of cryptocurrency’
  • The main idea behind NEM is to advance Blockchains capabilities
  • Uses Proof of Importance consensus, which means it’s eco/resource friendly, better in terms of security, encryption and community direction
  • Zero inflation
  • Essentially fast, efficient and low maintenance costs.
NXS Nexus Earth

Instant Global-reach Blockchain with Satellites

  • All about the 3-dimensional chain — a fancy term for three consensus channels which aim for high scalability
  • 1024 bit hash, so very secure (Bitcoin is 256). Built with resistance to quantum computing in mind
  • ‘A high degree of autonomy’ from external influences’ using satellites and ground-based ‘mesh networks’
  • Vector Space and Galactic Sky (a division of NXS) will launch what they are calling CubeSats to take the NXS chain into low orbit — off-world.
  • Global coverage to trade NXS — launching satellites in 2019.
AGRI Blockgrain

Agriculture Management Data & Supply Blockchain

  • Blockgrain is your classic peer to peer, local to international market data/paperwork/trade amalgamation for farmers and agriculture-based trade.
  • Agriculture has long been due a reformation of systems. Single point platform has seen a huge uptake by this market.
  • Might seem a little dull next to satellites, but this community is keen for product and AGRI is delivering by the bale.
POWR Power Ledger

P2P Power Trading Blockchain

  • Direct ability to trade solar power peer to peer
  • Interesting partnerships with existing power infrastructure
  • Multiple platforms built and operational
  • Ready to implement (no incubation period)

And just to make it super easy for you…
These Altcoins and more will be in our Beta Launch!