Blockbid Rebrand

Feb 14 2018

If you don’t know yet, we are making some changes here at Blockbid and are excited to share our brand refresh with you.

We are changing our web domain from to thereby taking an important step towards achieving more global freedom and ease of access to you, our customers. This is a re-iteration of the commitment we have to our vision of being perceived as an International exchange.

With this new domain change, we’ve also made some design improvements — freshening up our look towards the anticipated launch of the exchange (dates still to be announced — but we are as excited about it as you are). So, what’s it about? We felt the original alienating black colour of Blockbid branding was limited in its representation of the aspirations that we are looking to achieve as a visionary start-up in a fast-developing market. We want Blockbid to be distinguished as a recognisable brand, one that shows our commitment to trust, loyalty and confidence, while still being approachable and welcoming. These are keywords we strongly identify with and wish to imbue throughout our brand message. Our brand refresh is evident with a new Blockbid blue sitting as a backdrop to our pixelated logo, that emanates the blocks upon which our company and the crypto-space is built upon. We hope you enjoy it.

Since Blockbid’s initial beginning in August 2017, the demands our platform development progressively requires has brought expansion to our team, now reaching towards 30 members with various skill sets in numerous fields. We have also connected with ‘Inbound Junction’ and ‘Tomorrow Ads’, both companies aiming towards Global Strategic Partnerships. These and all future additions are made to better facilitate and streamline the growth of Blockbid and we welcome them.

Lastly, we are looking forward to disclosing the initial coins and fiat currency pairings to be listed on the coming launch of our Beta exchange. This is exciting news that we are all anticipating and will share as soon the details are finalised.

Best of wishes with a view to a promising future,

The Blockbid team.

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