Blockbid Joins the ADCA, Ready to be a Household Name

Jul 26 2018

In another move towards secure and plentiful trading, Blockbid has joined a who’s who of the digital commerce landscape, the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA).

ADCA is a major advocate of Blockchain technology and innovation in Australia, linking more established forms of digital Commerce with the innovative frontier.

Blockbid joins other household names like IBM, Optus, Me Bank and Australia Post with the ADCA seal of approval.

The financial landscape is changing globally and organisations like the ADCA keep best practice and engagement with government and regulatory stakeholders up to pace with innovation. The ADCA has been integral in establishing a workable (and externally audited) code of practice with some big names backing its vision and confidence in the frontier.

Becoming a part of the ADCA is another example where Blockbid is in front of the wave. ADCA means industry recognised and trusted best practice. Best practice means the average investor can have peace of mind participating in really innovative technologies — which is fantastic news for all parties.

Another reason to get in early for our beta launch here.