Blockbid and BitGo — Varied and Secure — a Perfect Match.

Jul 26 2018

Blockbid is excited to be using BitGo to secure digital assets. BitGo is the original gangster of Blockchain custodial-security and a global facilitator of a $10 billion a month transaction base.

Aside from using BitGo integrated security technology — Blockbids own token BID has officially been recognised as the first of 57 new ERC-20 tokens to be supported by the platform.

‘We are happy to announce that as a secure custodian service, and a leader in wallet management BitGo has accepted BID as the first exchange token to be added to its new long-awaited list of 57 currencies supported by the provider. We are proud that our shared vision for security and wallet management has resonated across to an industry leader’

David Sapper, Blockbid COO

Facing a bear market and an ever-widening search for diversification, it’s no longer enough to invest in the big guns of Bitcoin, Etherium and Ripple. Security and variety are powerful shaping forces in the larger market. BitGo is right there on point pushing the institutional investor envelope and the variety of chains on the platform. With 40+ exchanges operating on BitGo around the world and an extension of the custodial ecosystem beyond Bitcoin to 64 different currencies supported. BitGo is a proven space to connect consumers, marketplaces and e-commerce interests, all under a single unified API in a swift, diverse and secure environment. Blockbid and BitGo go together like security and variety.

The key word is secure. BitGo multi-signature technology is still the most-reputable, strongest-by-far and has not been hacked to date. The ability to hold securely and widely an undercurrent drive to opening investment in the Blockchain. A secure and diverse offering brings the pioneer spirit to a broader audience. BitGo and Blockbid are right on the money and ready for the bear.

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