What is ICO and how vital it is for the Bitcoin exchange in Australia?

ICO and the Bitcoin exchange in Australia are deeply related, but first, let us provide you with a definition of the term.What is ICO?ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering, or, in layman terms, a presale of a new cryptocurrency for a Blockchain project. ICO has been getting a lot of attention, as a very successful fundraising concept and as the future of cryptocurrency development.

The idea behind ICO is to offer venture capitalists the chance to invest in the creation of a new crypto coin or a token in exchange for Bitcoins or Altcoins. ICO became popularised in 2013 with the development of new Altcoins on the cryptocurrency market, and, in time, it has shown that it is an efficient way to gather money and make a profit.

If you invest in the right project, the return on the investment can be very fruitful, mostly because once the crypto-coin hits the market, it becomes tradable.

The most successful ICO project so far is the Ethereum presale in 2014, when the founders raised $257,000,000. However, there is also the Tezos project (self-governing Blockchain) with $232,000,000, EOS with $185,000,000 and more. Kickstarter, both a community and a platform, is a perfect example outside of the cryptocurrency world, where you can see how initial offers work on an individual level.How does ICO connect to the Bitcoin exchange in Australia?We live in an era where through the invention of the Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology, the financial concepts of fundraising, transferring and concluding deals is rapidly changing. The Ethereum platform introduced smart contracts to the world and its own currency that “fuels” the furthered development of the Blockchain technology.

The final goal of the EOS.IO project is to eliminate transaction fees and conduct millions of transactions per second as a decentralised operating system.

Amidst the technological development and the investment concepts, is the Bitcoin exchange. Australia has started regulating the cryptocurrency realm and the principals on which virtual platforms conduct crypto-trade in the country.

Every new ICO project that has a goal to create a crypto-coin must achieve triumph on the exchange for it to be considered as a success. The two are interlinked and depend on each other.

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ICO and Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin trading is no longer simply a popular trend, but an industry, and it is the same with ICO. What started out as an idea, today, is a practical investment model. The Ethereum presale and the vast acceptance by the Bitcoin exchange in Australia and everywhere in the world demonstrated that. Bitcoin trading and ICO investments go hand-in-hand in the virtual sphere, where market capitation and price oscillation are the judges of every cryptocurrency project.

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