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We’re different. Very different…

Fiat Currencies
Trader Owned
Our world first Liquidity Incentive Model rewards traders more than any other exchange
We set a new benchmark for exchange security by working with Bitgo as an insured 3rd party wallet provider.
Easy Access
Some of the industry’s biggest market makers use our platform, allowing our users to access deep order books and tight spreads

Our Partners

Blockbid’s Liquidity Incentive Model

We have designed a groundbreaking incentive system which provides huge rewards to traders who add real value to our platform, simply by trading.

We’ve seen the rise and fall of Trans-fee Mining exchanges that are plagued by wash trading and misaligned incentives. We have taken the learnings from these models and worked closely with leading crypto-economists to succeed where they failed.

Its traders that build exchanges. We know that. On Blockbid, early traders have the chance to capture the value they deserve, which is a lot more than a fee kickback.

BID Token

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Token Symbol: BID Decimals: 2
BIDL Token

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Token Symbol: BIDL Decimals: 2